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Analysis Software Handles Enhanced PCI Express Standard

The PETracer Software Version 5 package from LeCroy supports the new features defined in PCI Express Spec 2.0 on any of the company’s PCI Express protocol analyzers. The upgraded standard includes a 100% increase in data rates to 5 Gbits/s per lane, as well as numerous errata updates, completion timeouts, functional level reset, link bandwidth notification, and access control features. The analyzers supported by the software include the low-cost PETracer Edge, the PETracer ML, the PETracer EML, and the new PETracer Gen2 Summit. The latter instrument is the first to be able to handle the PCI Express Spec 2.0 data rates of 5 Gbits/s, according to LeCroy. PETracer Software Version 5 is available as an upgrade for all existing users of LeCroy analyzers. It can be downloaded from the company’s website for all customers who are under maintenance agreements. For additional information, contact LeCroy.


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