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Antenna Advances Radiated EMC Testing

Designed for EMC testing, the patent-pending Radiant Arrow 80 improved log-periodic antenna covers a frequency bandwidth of 80 MHz to 50 GHz. It is said that this antenna is the first such component for applications requiring a directive antenna to illuminate large test objects at high field levels without resorting to the bat-wing E-field corrupted log periodics. It accepts inputs up to 3 kW and has a minimum gain of 5.0 dB. The antenna measures 43" x 6" x 36" and features a folded-element design that keeps the element tips further away from the walls of shielded enclosures than traditional designs. A larger antenna of similar design and capability, the Radiant Arrow 26, that operates from 26 MHz to 5 GHz is also available. For further information and prices, call AMPLIFIER RESEARCH, Souderton, PA. (215) 723-8181.


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