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Antenna System Eyes In-Building Wireless Apps

Designed to improve and extend RF coverage in buildings and hard to penetrate indoor areas, the InCell fiber-optic antenna system supports cellular and PCS communication services and is also available as a dual band system. It can also be upgraded to support third generation (3G) services.
The system uses single-mode optical fiber cable to distribute RF signals between a central RF hub and remote antenna units (RFUs). The wireless distribution system includes a central distribution unit (CDU) that interfaces with up to six remote antenna units (RAUs).
The CDU distributes and collects signals through individual pairs of fiber cable from each RAU. A single composite cable, consisting of two fiber-optic cables and power wiring, provides all the connections between the CDU and each RAU. And multiple InCell systems can be cascaded together to support more than 240 antennas from a single sector.


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