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Application Helps Consumers Transfer Information from Web to Mobile Device via Bluetooth Wireless Technology

The Bluetooth SIG today TransSend client/server application allows Internet content such as maps, addresses, phone numbers and other text and images to be wirelessly transferred from a Bluetooth-enabled PC to another Bluetooth device such as a phone or PDA. By providing this free, useful, on-the-go capability to consumers, the Bluetooth SIG hopes to help increase customer satisfaction of Bluetooth enabled devices and drive visitors to TransSend enabled web sites.

When running late for a party, a person could quickly `TransSend' the host's address to their mobile phone. Trying out a new restaurant later in the evening becomes more convenient when the patron has already sent a map and phone number to their PDA. Someone might TransSend a brief bio of an important business contact to a mobile device to review before a dinner meeting. TransSend helps people get small, timely pieces of information to their mobile devices in a quick and effortless way so that they have the data they need when away from their PCs.

"TransSend reinforces the Bluetooth SIG's commitment to our member companies to find new, exciting ways for their customers to use Bluetooth enabled devices and to consumers to make their lives simpler and more convenient," stated Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director, Bluetooth SIG. "TransSend is a simple solution with obvious value for the consumer that will increase usage and familiarity with Bluetooth object push applications."

Users will have two simple ways to TransSend content from the Internet to their Bluetooth mobile devices: they can click on a TransSend and Bluetooth icon next to content or they can right click on specific information and select the option within the menu to TransSend the data. Either way the computer will automatically begin searching for Bluetooth devices within range and allow the user to select the device they wish to receive the information. Within a few seconds, the transfer is completed without wasting any valuable text messages or network minutes. This is very convenient for people on the go as they can quickly send contact and location information, event reminders or important URLs to their mobile devices.

TransSend relies on the Object Push Profile (OPP) to send web content and will be supported by the Microsoft XP SP2 and Windows 2000 operating systems and the Internet Explorer 5.5 (and higher) browser. Expansion into additional operating systems and Internet browsers is under consideration. OBEX standard formats are used for calendar entries (vCal), contact information (vCard), and text (vNote) data types. The TransSend client includes a plain text (.txt) option since vNote (.vnt) format is optional for OPP. Images will rely on standard Internet formats (.png, .gif, .gmp, .jpg and .wmf). Web developers can find all the necessary tools for implementing the TransSend button with the TransSend Developer Edition. The Developer Edition is available for free to SIG Associate and Promoter members, $5,000 for Adopter members and $7,500 for non-members. M

For more information, visit www.bluetooth.org/TransSend.

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