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APT, SRS Work To Improve Bluetooth Audio

APT Ltd. and SRS Labs have announced a strategic marketing agreement to enable a combined fast-to-market technology solution that delivers the highest quality audio performance for Bluetooth devices. The companies will demonstrate the combined solution this week at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas.

The first product released under the agreement will involve APT’s apt-X technology combined with SRS WOW HD to provide enhanced sound quality for Bluetooth versus the standard sound quality of SubBand Coding (SBC). The product will be a significant improvement over standard SBC for both audio and video streaming. As part of the agreement, APT will perform a series of technical implementations of SRS technologies onto the CSR (Cambridge Software Radio) BlueCore 5 platform, assuring a continued innovation stream that will provide consumers with highly sought after improvements to Bluetooth audio.

Apt-X is a professional-grade algorithm that brings true hi-fi quality, exceptionally low delay, and strong error resilience to wireless audio—all attributes that align well with Bluetooth streaming. SRS WOW HD is an audio processing technology designed to expand the size of the audio image while ensuring a rich, superior bass response and clear, high frequencies.

“Current offerings in the Bluetooth market fall quite short of consumer expectations for high quality audio,” said Alan Kraemer, SRS’ chief technology officer. “This partnership will create a series of technical innovations, paving the way for what we believe to be the best possible Bluetooth listening experience for consumers.”

APT Ltd.

SRS Labs

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