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ASH Receivers Are Small Yet Robust & Consume Little Power

The RX5000 series of amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) receivers is for short-range wireless control and data applications requiring robust operation, small size, low power consumption, and low cost. The first two products available are the 433.92-MHz RX5000 for short-range wireless uses in Europe under its I-ETS 300 220-1 regulations and the 315-MHz RX5001 for short-range data link applications in North America and Asia. The receivers are integrated with RF filters and active devices in a tiny hybrid module. A wide dynamic range log detector, in combination with digital AGC and a compound data slicer, provide robust performance in the presence of on-channel interference or noise. Two stages of SAW filtering provide excellent receiver out-of-band rejection. The receivers also have a built-in sleep mode to conserve power, and generate no RF emissions to comply with regulatory agency rules.

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