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ATM IC Is Set To Bring Broadband Services To Homes

When the Helium ATM switch and Level 2/3 processing device is combined with the company's software modules, the construction of gateways between an xDSL line and ATM, USB or Ethernet ports (in any combination) is greatly simplified. The Helium ASIC will enable designers to bring multiple-user endpoint devices to market more quickly. It supports all equipment markets, including xDSL, Fiber To The Curb, Fiber To The Home, electric subscriber line modems for power companies, and PC LAN adapters. xDSL is becoming a popular protocol for the next-generation of ultra-fast dial-up access devices used to connect to the Internet and corporate LANs over ordinary phone lines.The ASIC includes an Ethernet controller and physical interface, a USB interface, an ARM 710 processor, a separate microcoded network control processor, an HDLC block for packet mode applications or a T1.413 interface for use with various DMT ADSL physical-layer chips, and a Utopia 1 or 2 interface for connecting ATM devices. The chip will be available in production lots in the fourth quarter.

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