Electronic Design

Attenuation Kits Quickly Set Up Multiple Attenuation Levels

Designed for portability and ease of use across a variety of applications, Timbercon Inc.'s fiber-optic attenuator kit product line offers high-quality components in most connector types and at industry-standard attenuation levels. Engineers can use the kits to quickly produce multiple levels of attenuation for just about any fiber-optic cable, according to Timbercon. The kits come in LC, SC, ST, MU, and mixed connector configurations and provide precise attenuation for a wide range of applications, including component testing, and laboratory, manufacturing, and field applications. Each kit combines a series of premium dual-wavelength (1310-, 1550-nm) attenuators with a durable storage case for easy portability. The kits include an attenuator identification chart for quick component identification.

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