Automotive-Grade Isolated CAN Transceiver Suits HEVs

Automotive-Grade Isolated CAN Transceiver Suits HEVs

NXP’s TJA1052i high-speed Controller Area Network (CAN) transceiver with integrated galvanic isolation technology particularly suits hybrid and electric vehicles (HEVs). High-voltage and low-voltage networks need to coexist in HEVs, so isolation is required for safety reasons. An optocoupler typically provides this isolation, but NXP says its single-package galvanic isolator and CAN module saves space and maintains its performance over time.

The TJA1052i protects against electric shocks, overvoltage, ground offset, and reverse current while significantly improving signal integrity in noisy electromagnetic environments. The ISO11898-2 compliant device also meets AEC-Q100.


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