Electronic Design

Bare Die Implements Bluetooth In Ultra-Small Modules

The UltimateBlue 3000 radio processor and the SiW1712 radio modem are now made in a standalone die product format. Vendors can integrate these die to form highly miniature assemblies suitable primarily for putting Bluetooth functionality into cell phones. The units are ideal for headsets and hands-free operation of cell phones. The UltimateBlue is a highly integrated chip containing a direct-conversion radio modem with an ARM7TDM processor core, Bluetooth baseband logic, and complete protocol software in ROM. The SiW1712 is a single-chip radio modem using a 2.4-GHz direct conversion radio transceiver with a gaussian frequency-shift-keying burst modem, with digital control functions. Both chips are made with 0.18-┬Ám CMOS. Also called known-good die (KGD), these fully tested chips are available in sample quantities from RF Micro Devices, Silicon Wave's exclusive worldwide distributor.

Silicon Wave Inc.
www.siliconwave.com; (858) 404-7704

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