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Baseband Processor Targets PMR And Trunked Radios

Designed for professional two-way radio systems, the CMX881 full-function, half-duplex audio and signaling processor IC targets both PMR and trunked radio systems. Under the control of the host processor, all voice band and signaling are provided including voice band and sub-audio filtering, pre-emphasis, de-emphasis and audio routing, and digital level setting for single or dual-point modulation in the transmit path. For trunked radio setup and system signaling, the processor integrates an embedded 1.2 Kb/s and a 2.4 Kb/s MSK/FFSK modem with checksum generation, reception, and sync detection in the receive path and includes a free format mode. Available in either a SSOP or TSSOP, the device draws just 600 µA when operating at 2.7V. According to the company, the CMX881 can be used with a smaller, lower-power host processor than comparable devices. For further information and price, contact CML MICROCIRCUITS LTD., Essex, England. +44 1621 875500.


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