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BAW Filters Hone Wireless Infrastructure

BAW Filters Hone Wireless Infrastructure

High performance BAW filters targeted for Band 3 Uplink applications at 1747.5 MHz, Band 7 Uplink at 2535 MHz, and Band 40 applications.

RFMW is offering design and sales support to the wireless infrastructure market for three new TriQuint high performance bulk acoustic wave filters. The TQQ7303 filter is targeted for Band 3 Uplink applications at 1747.5 MHz, the TQQ7307 is targeted for Band 7 Uplink applications at 2535 MHz, and the 885069 is targeted at Band 40 applications. All three filters offer low in-band insertion loss and high out-of-band attenuation coupled with the improved performance and power handling capability of BAW. The TQQ7303 has a usable bandwidth of 75 MHz with minimum attenuation of 45 dB at 1805 MHz. The TQQ7307 offers 70 MHz band width with 32 dB of attenuation, and the 885069 has 100 MHz of usable pass band with 45 dB min attenuation. The TQQ7303 and TQQ7307 BAW filters are offered in 3 x 3 mm industry-standard ceramic packages that are hermetically sealed, while the 885069 BAW filter comes in a 1.4 x 1.2 mm, hermetic, chip scale package.


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