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Blue Laser Diode Delivers 50-mW Output

Blue Laser Diode Delivers 50-mW Output

The Stradus 488-nm laser-diode module delivers a 50-mW output and debuts as an affordable alternative to standard, high-power-output diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The module provides digital modulation up to 200 MHz with analog modulation at greater than or equal to 500 kHz. Beam dimensions are 1.3 mm in diameter for all wavelengths, pointing stability is less than 5 µrad/ºC, and noise is less than 0.1% from 10 Hz to10 MHz. Available for shipping January 1, 2010, the Stradus is compatible with both USB and RS-232 interfaces and offers automatic thermal control of the diode and all optical-element temperatures. VORTRAN LASER TECHNOLOGY INC., Sacramento, CA. (916) 283-8208.

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