Bluetooth IC Adds Low-Energy Comms To Wearable Healthcare

Bluetooth IC Adds Low-Energy Comms To Wearable Healthcare

Toshiba Electronics Europe’s latest Bluetooth IC supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), part of the Bluetooth v4.0 standard. The TC35667FTG adopts an original low-power circuit design and integrates an efficient dc-dc converter, reducing peak current consumption to below 6 mA and deep sleep current consumption to below 100 nA.

By integrating an ARM processor, the IC enables the download and execution of customer programs stored in EEPROM. It supports customization of applications, eliminating the need for any external microcontroller. It also supports server and client functions defined by the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). Its receiver has a sensitivity of ¬–91 dBm, and its transmitter output power can be varied from 0 dBm to –20 dBm in 4-dB steps.

Housed in a 6- by 6-mm QFN40 package, the TC35667FTG suits wearable and healthcare-oriented smart devices and sensors, as well as smartphone accessories, remote controllers, and toys.


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