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Broadband Access IC Serves Multi-Tenant Units And Dwellings

The BCM6315 is the first in a family of products that enables low-cost, scaleable, broadband access within multi-dwelling units and multi-tenant units. The V-thernet product family specifically addresses the challenges of efficiently aggregating and transmitting high-speed data over long reaches in multi-dwelling buildings using existing wiring. The chip enhances the reach and bandwidth from multiple broadband premise networks, such as Ethernet network devices, to remote basements or wiring centers. The device can be used in customer premise gateway equipment for bridging to a LAN or HomePNA network as well as in MDU/MTU access, switching or concentrator equipment. The chip operates over Category 1 through Category 5 cabling and supports 10-Mbps Ethernet on telephone grade wiring for distances up to 1 kilometer in the presence of impairments such as bridged taps and gauge changes. The chip is priced at $11.55 each/10,000.


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