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Broadband Coaxial Components Serve High Data-Rate Uses

A line of 40-GHz coaxial components features bandwidths and physical dimensions that lend the devices to high data rate technologies, such as SDH and SONET. Model 5542 bias tee (see photo) operates from 10 kHz to well beyond 40 GHz and offers a rise time of just 7 ps with insertion loss of only 0.2 dB. The unit is said to be physically smaller than competing products. Claimed as the first of its kind, Model 5509 dc block operates from 7 kHz to beyond 40 GHz. Features include a 5-ps rise time and 0.22-µF capacitance. Model 5510-K attenuators deliver frequency response from dc to more than 40 GHz with 5-ps rise time and 2W power rating. They're available in decibel values of 3, 6, 10 or 20 dB.


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