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Broadband MMIC Amplifiers Use Single Application Circuit

A pair of HBT MMIC amplifiers offer exceptional broadband frequency performance while requiring only one application circuit. The MAAM-007865-0P1R00 and the MAAM-007866-0P1R00 cover 50 MHz to 2000 MHz and 50 MHz to 3300 MHz, respectively. The MAAM-007865-0P1R00 delivers 20-dB gain with ±1.2-dB flatness across the frequency band. The P1dB level is 18 dBm, and the output IP3 is 29 dBm. The MAAM-007866 is a 2-stage device designed to provide 27-dB gain with ±1.2-dB flatness across its bandwidth. The device's P1dB level is 22.5 dBm, and its output IP3 is 34 dBm.

The design of the two amplifiers incorporates an on-chip active bias network, reducing the number of external components required, and thus easing application implementation. Both amplifiers require a single bias supply of +5 V, with a +5-V reference pin for power-down and power control capability. Each model is available in a 3-mm, 12-lead PQFN package, and assemblies are RoHS compliant.


The MAAM-007865-0P1R00 and MAAM-007866-0P1R00 are available from stock.


The MAAM-007865-0P1R00 costs $1.56 and MAAM-007866-0P1R00 cost $1.84, both in quantities of 10,000.


Visit www.macom.com.

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