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Broadband Receiver Enables Region-Free PCTV

With the goal of changing the way users view television on their PCs, the CrestaTV, presented at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a universal broadband receiver with a programmable RF IC and software that will allow PCs to receive region-free analog or digital TV broadcasts, radio, and GPS signals. Employing a multi-core parallel processing CPU like the Intel Core 2 Duo, the programmable silicon receiver and software combo provides support for a wide variety of broadband frequencies.

The receiver, manufactured by CrestaTech, also includes social media application support, allowing notebooks and netbooks to deliver a live broadcast TV experience that can be as interactive and ubiquitous as Internet content. CrestaTV employs the CTC-200/201 programmable RF and interface IC and multi-threaded signal processing software. The total package dissipates 500 mW of power under maximum load and supports frequencies from 42 MHz to 864 MHz plus the L1 band. OEMs can implement CrestaTV on PCI express cards for desktops and PCI mini-express cards or USB TV sticks for laptops.


TAGS: Intel
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