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C-NICs Support Compute Cluster Server

The NetXtreme II converged network interface controllers (C-NICs) support Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and lay claim to being the first high-volume Gigabit Ethernet controllers with integrated remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology. Compute Cluster Server 2003 enables a large set of existing clustering applications that serve commercial, industrial and scientific industries. It provides an application-programming interface, frequently used by HPC applications. The C-NIC devices now support the Winsock Direct interface, which in turn, provides the MPI-based applications with access to RDMA network protocols and services. They simultaneously run four specific functions including accelerated TCP/IP offloading for data networking, accelerated iSCSI for block storage networking, accelerated RDMA for server clustering, and remote system management pass-through functions. BROADCOM CORP., Irvine, CA. (949) 450-8700.


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