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CAM Based ICs Tackle Network Search Issues

Entering the arena as the first in a line of content addressable memory (CAM) and algorithm-based products, the IS51VV4064 CAM processor promises to ease many of the toughest networking search problems. The device is capable of executing 533 million table lookups per second with a capacity of 4 Mb binary or 2 Mb ternary. It supports search key sizes up to 2 Kb wide for binary databases and 1 Kb wide for ternary databases. The processor is capable of executing multiple searches as compared to current CAM-based search engines that perform a single search per clock cycle. Employing a fine-grain architecture based on CAMTile technology allows up to 16 databases to be configured into a device with any four databases searched in parallel per clock cycle. The CAMTile is described as an intelligent, CAM-based processing element that can be grouped to generate any width and depth CAM. It can perform up to 133 million lookups per second per CAMTile. The cell structure allows the CAMTile to be configured as either 1Kx64 binary or 1Kx32 ternary. The device comes in a 480-ball BGA package and is available for sampling. For more details and price, call Chris Wu at INTEGRATED SILICON SOLUTION INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 969-4655.


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