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Carrier Chipset Enhances Next-Gen Triple Play Networks

The three-chip VoiceEdge VE792 carrier chipset promises to bring carrier-class performance closer through features such as support for simultaneous high-speed video and voice, carrier-grade line testing, and, allegedly, the lowest power usage and highest density on the market. The chipset offers a comprehensive processing architecture that also integrates widely supported system interfaces. It includes an octal subscriber line audio-processing circuit with an integrated line-test toolbox and DTMF detection, a single-channel subscriber line interface circuit, and a multi-port voice control processor providing up to 72 channels of real-time call control. The chipset supports a centralized architecture capable of interfacing all voice-packet and network processors, giving users scalability and software compatibility with their particular architecture. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 592-0200.


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