Category 6 LTE-A Modem Achieves 300-Mbit/s Data Rate

Category 6 LTE-A Modem Achieves 300-Mbit/s Data Rate

Anritsu and Qualcomm demonstrated peak throughput for a Category 6 LTE device and network simulator using 20+20 MHz carrier aggregation (CA). The partners performed tests with a device based on the new Qualcomm Gobi 9x35 modem, an LTE-Advanced World Mode Category 6 chipset. Both the Gobi 9x35 and Anritsu MD8430A LTE simulator support CA with two LTE FDD or TDD component carriers (CCs), each with a bandwidth of up to 20 MHz, leading to Category 6 peak data rates of 300 Mbits/s in the downlink.

The MD8430A LTE simulator offers advanced CA capabilities, such as implementation of Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ), under high-throughput conditions. It also performs tests under a range of conditions, including bidirectional downlink/uplink traffic, RF impairments, and various Secondary Component Carrier (SCC) conditions. Furthermore, the simulator is capable of dynamic scripted protocol-level testing, which goes beyond just replication of static conditions.


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