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CDMA Upmixer And Exciter Amp Reside On One Chip

Designed for dual band/dual mode CDMA cellular telephones, MRFIC0954 and MRFIC1854 upmixers/exciters operate in the 800 MHz and 1.9 GHz bands, respectively, for dual-mode CDMA and AMPS telephones and PCS CDMA and Korean band CDMA cell phones. The devices also have RF AGC amplifier stages with a linear gain control function and a selectable bias pin to reduce power consumption. The very low cascaded adjacent channel power spec of the ICs reduces the linearity requirement for the power amplifier and improves the efficiency of the entire RF transmit chain. The power amp can be driven directly without an additional amplifier stage, thanks to the excellent output power and third-order intercept of the exciter amplifier.


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