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Cell Phone Platform Supports Low-Cost GPRS Handsets

Consisting of silicon chips, software (including the company's proven protocol stack and frameworks), and a development kit, the Agere TrueNTRY x122 low-cost cellular phone platform is designed for the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). The highly integrated x122 allows designers to incorporate a wide range of capabilities into entry-level phones for a bill of materials cost of less than $30. Capabilities include CD-quality music, camera/camcorder functions, and Internet access. The x122 follows the introduction of the TrueNTRY x125, also for low-cost cell phones, which was introduced in September.

Built-in features include a speaker amplifier, polyphonic sound synthesizer, USB 2.0 On-the-Go controller with charging, power-management circuits for all phone peripherals, and battery-charging circuits with over-voltage protection. A dedicated applications processor separate from the communications engine reduces product development costs and boosts overall processing speed. The extra horsepower eases applications software development, test, and verification because it doesn't impact the core communications engine. It also allows users to receive calls or surf the web while playing music and cuts power consumption because the applications processor can be powered down the majority of the time that the phone is on. The platform also supports advanced audio processing, such as dynamic noise suppression, echo cancellation, full-duplex speakerphone, and a stereo equalizer.


The TrueNTRY x122 platform is shipping now.


Contact the company for prices.


Visit www.agere.com.

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