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Chip Performs Network Processing At Torrid Pace

Both packet processing and classification, the two main functions of network processing, have been combined on a single, 10-Gb, 7-layer, full-duplex network processor chip. The NP-1 boasts of fully programmable packet classification, modification, forwarding and policing at wire speed. Unlike first generation network processors that integrate generic RISC processors, the TOPcore architecture-based NP-1 is said to consist of 10-fold faster Task Optimized Processors (TOPs), each tailored to perform a specific networking task at the highest speed possible. The processors are then replicated and integrated onto a single chip. And by offering embedded search engines, NP-1 is said to reduce external component needs down to a few low-power, low-cost DRAMs--no need for external classifiers, CAMs and SRAMs. A typical 10-Gb interface for metro and edge systems, for example, can be implemented with a NP-1 and four DRAM chips, resulting in a $1,175 solution dissipating only 17W. The network processor offers a choice of OC-192 packet-over-SONET (POS), 10G Ethernet, or eight 1G Ethernet ports with integrated MACs. A switch fabric interface allows scaling NP-1-based systems to thousands of ports. EZCHIP TECHNOLOGIES LTD., Campbell, CA. (408) 879-7355.


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