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Chip Provides High-Speed Serial Channel For Cardbus Or PCI

Designed for use in embedded processing applications and serial add-in cards, the OXCB950 is a 3.3V device that provides a single, high-speed serial channel from either Cardbus or PCI. The chip offers memory or I/O-mapped access to the fastest available PC-compatible UART and provides data rates up to 15-Mbps in asynchronous mode and 128-deep transmitter and receiver FIFOs. The deep FIFOs reduce CPU overhead and facilitate high data rates. Infrared operation is also supported. The integrated UART is software compatible with industry-standard 16C550 devices and the firm's OX16C95x family of high-performance UARTs. The chip is also compliant with PC Card Standard 7.0 and PCIbus Spec 2.2. It has function access to allow engineers to pre-configure the UART prior to handover to generic device drivers and features a flexible clock prescaler. In a 100-pin TQFP package, pricing is $6.42 each/1,000.


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