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Chip Provides QAM Baseband Modem Functions

Chip Provides QAM Baseband Modem Functions

The CMX7163 wireless data QAM modem provides 4/16/64-QAM baseband modem functions in a single chip, replacing the current need for user-programmed DSP plus codec ICs. This development includes high dynamic range analogue signal capturing, digital baseband filters, auxiliary codecs, clock generator, and I/O functions. The half-duplex device is suitable for 6.25 kHz, 12.5 kHz, and 25 kHz bandwidths and operates at rates up to 96 kb/s in 25-kHz bandwidths with channel estimation and equalization. Additionally, the CMX7163 operates from a 3.3V supply and includes selectable power saving modes. Available in 64-VQFN and 64-LQFP packages, pricing is price of $9.85each. CML MICROCIRCUITS INC., Winston-Salem, NC. (800) 638-5577.


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