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Chip Takes Complex RF Waveform Measurements

Easy and accurate measurement of complex waveforms such as Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) in wireless applications can now be made using a single chip. The AD8361 TruPwr Detector, a patent-pending, true root mean square-to-direct current (RMS-to-DC) converter, operates over a frequency range of 0.1 to 2.5 GHz, making the IC suitable for all worldwide cellular band applications. Prior to development of this true power detection IC, measuring complex RF waveforms required multiple components and long design cycles, it’s claimed. The AD8361 TruPwr Detector requires a 2.7V-to-5.5V supply, comes housed in an 8-pin micro-small-outline package in an industrial temperature range (-30°C to 85°C) version.


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