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Chips Simplify Design Of Pre-Payment Cards

This solution for phone cards and similar pre-payment applications consists of the T2G (Telephone cards, 2nd generation) chips for embedding in the cards and the complementary ST16ST2G secure microcontroller for use in the terminal's security module. The telephone card ICs include the 6-pin ST1333 and 5-pin ST1335 having a counting capacity up to 32K units and using an Anti-Tearing mechanism that protects the memory from loss of count information if the card is withdrawn from an open reader while a transaction is in process. Additionally, the chips have the France Telecom's AntiClone Function, which supports signature generation and authentication exchange based on information from the reader combined with card data and a 64-bit card key. Complementing the ST133x telephone card chips is the ST16ST2G µC that is a mask version of a standard ST16 secure µC with the T2G authentication algorithm embedded in the user ROM.


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