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Chipset And Module Lessen Pain Of Cutting Bluetooths

Add a highly integrated RF and baseband chipset and ready-to-go-wireless module to the rapidly expanding list of components vying for use in the many Bluetooth products under development by OEMs worldwide. The chipset consists of the ML7050LA, a 48-ball BGA Bluetooth RF transceiver that operates in the 2.4-GHz ISM band, and the ML70511LA, a 144-ball FBGA baseband controller that is powered by the ARM7TDMI core. The set is designed to support data and voice communications while maintaining interoperability with other Bluetooth systems. The module integrates software, antenna and 30-pin connector together with the two-chip set to create in a single, 18 x 38-mm package a device that is fully compliant with Bluetooth v1.1. The CMOS RF transceiver integrates a TX/RX switch, power amp, LNA, image rejection mixer, VCO, PLL, IF filter, modulator, demodulator, and a master 12/13/16 MHz selectable clock. Operation is from a 2.7V to 3.3V supply. Besides the ARM CPU, the baseband controller houses a 1-channel, 16-bit auto-reloader timer, interrupt controller, memory, interfaces, PCM-CVSD transcoder, and more.The chipset costs under $15 each in volume quantities, while the module costs $35. A software development kit is available for $2,850.


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