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Chipset Lets One Central Office Line Card Handle Eight DSL G.Lite/Voice Services

End-to-end, standards-compliant, high-speed Internet connectivity ranging from the telephone service provider's central office to the end user's PC is made possible by Lucent's WildWire central site ADSL/POTS chipset. The chips enable a single central-office line card to simultaneously handle eight DSL "Lite" and voice services, lowering telephone equipment costs. They're targeted for use within various types of telephone equipment including integrated ADSL and voice central-office equipment, digital subscriber line access multiplexers (DSLAMs), and digital loop carriers.The chips will be compliant with the G.992.2 (G.Lite) ITU standard for DSL "Lite" services. Three subsystems comprise the chipset: a G.Lite data pump, a voiceband codec, and an analog front end that combines a splitter, transceiver and SLIC. Samples will be available during this quarter.

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