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Chipset Moves Data Over Twisted Pair Cable At Torrid Pace

Serial data transmission speeds as high as 2.64 Gb/s are said to be possible over twisted pair cable with the INGT165B transmitter and INGR165B receiver. Called GigaSTAR (Gigabit/s Serial Transmitter and Receiver), the two-chip set is based on a new protocol-free and OS-independent data transmission architecture designed to yield low latency, minimal overhead, and high EMI immunity.
The high performance specs qualify GigaSTAR for use in telecomm, instrumentation and imaging applications. And by connecting multiple GigaSTARs in parallel, even greater bandwidth can be realized, opening up use in Internet/Intranet systems.
The chipset can transfer data over 30 meters of STP copper cable and up to 200 meters of fiber optic cable. And in addition to a chipset costing $73.50 each/10,000,GigaSTAR is also available as a piggyback module ($133) and as a plug-and-play application kit ($956).


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