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Chipset Performs 10/100Mb Ethernet Switching

The first two chips in the XpressFlow 2001 series of 10/100Mb Ethernet switch chipsets are the SC-201 XpressFlow Engine and the EA-224 4 Port 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet Access Controller. This third generation chipset offers a highly scalable and flexible architecture that supports implementations of small-to-medium sized layer 2 switches. Built around the XpressFlow Bus that provides between 1.05 to 1.6 Gbps of data bandwidth, the chipset supports up to 12 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet ports, a combination of 10 and 100 Mbps ports, or up to 56 10 Mbps Ethernet ports. XpressFlow chipsets are said to require very little glue logic for a clean and efficient implementation. The SC-201 is primarily responsible for resolving destination MAC addresses and VLAN membership of incoming packets. The EA-224 provides 4 10/100Mbps Ethernet network access ports and is responsible for buffering data and handling Ethernet MAC protocols.


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