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Chipsets & Software Speed Wireless Datacomm Designs

Capable of providing a major advancement in transmission speed for wireless data communications is a family of High Data Rate (HDR) chipsets and system software. The new product line features support for the firm's HDR, a spectrally efficient technology providing up to 2.4 Mbps peak rate in a standard cdmaOne, 1.25-MHz channel bandwidth, which is said to provide end-users Internet access from wireless devices. HDR technology is optimized for packet data services with a flexible architecture based on standard Internet Protocols. The first product in the family, iMSM4500 Mobile Station Modem solution, is dual-mode to support HDR and IS-95A and IS-95B. The chipset and system software includes a USB interface to easily support 2.4-Mbps and to enable interconnection to desktop, laptop and handheld devices that can benefit from high-speed multimedia data transfers or synchronization with PCs. The iMSM550, which will support G3G CDMA 1x MC and HDR technology, is also available.

Company: QUALCOMM INC. - CDMA Technologies

Product URL: Click here for more information

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