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Clock Rate Adapters Convert Signal Frequencies Between E and T Rates

This series of clock rate adapters converts signal frequencies between E- and T-carrier clock rates without external components. The devices are designed to be completely pin and software compatible with Level One's recently discontinued LXP series products. A clock adapter chip receives a T1 or E1 frequency and outputs it along with a higher multiple rate. The chip keeps the output phase locked to the input clock to minimize jitter and avoid data loss. The conversion function is also used in applications that multiplex data coming off the T1/E1 streams onto a single backplane. The company is providing several parts, including the DS21600 and DS21602 that perform data conversions between 1.544 MHz and 2.048 MHz, the DS21604 that converts between 1.544 MHz and 4.096 MHz and the DS21610 that produces multiple frequencies up to 8.192 MHz. The DS21600, DS21602 and DS21604 adapters are currently available in a 16-pin SOIC, with 8-pin DIP packaging to be available in Q2 2001. The DS21610 is available in 16-pin SOIC, while the 28-pin PLCC package will be available in Q2 2001. The price for the DS21600, 02 and 04 is $18.50 each/1,000 and the DS21610 is priced at $22.50 each/1,000.


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