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CMOS RF Receiver IC Spans Wide Frequency Range

A complete UHF receiver on a single chip is embodied in the QwikRadio MICRF001 device, an on-off-keyed (OOK) receiver IC whose architecture eliminates the need for the manual tuning required to optimize the performance of some competing products. That's because the chip is capable of demodulating signals across a wide frequency band. All tuning and alignment is accomplished on-chip by a low-cost ceramic resonator or with an externally supplied clock reference.The chip, which operates across the frequency range of 300 MHz to 450 MHz, offers reductions in system costs of up to 50% by virtue of reduced parts counts. Cost reductions also stem from the fact that designers can couple the receiver IC with low-cost, non-precise LC transmitter circuits. With the MICRF001 IC, designers can achieve wireless operation at ranges up to 500 feet. It does so while providing a seamless interface to standard decoders and microprocessors.


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