Electronic Design

Coax Cables Eliminate Outer Jacket

The plenum DS-3 and DS-4 series of coax cables from Belden feature the company’s Banana Peel composite cable construction, reducing installation time and labor, according to the company. They’re designed for digital signal interconnect and cross-connect applications in telco central offices and data centers, as well as other large, complex installations with data/telecom plenum cable runs requiring DS-3/DS-4 signaling. The cables are available in two sizes, 26 AWG (735A plenum-rated) and 20 AWG (734A plenum-rated), and both sizes are offered in a three-count and a six-count configuration.

The Banana Peel design eliminates the outer jacket to achieve a smaller outer diameter, compared to similarly bundled cables, suiting tight or densely packed plenum spaces. It also improves the cable’s bend radius, enabling the use of smaller conduits. Instead of a fluoropolymer jacket that would make the individual coaxes difficult to dress, the DS-3 and DS-4 feature PVC Flamarrest individual jackets that are much easier to strip and terminate, Belden says. And, eliminating the outer jacket cuts a whole step from the termination process, as users simply peel the individual cables off the center spline and terminates.


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