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CODECs Take Aim At Telecomm Apps

Designed for use in IP telephony, POTS-capable DSL/cable modems, key telephones and ISDN POTS terminal adapters, the AK2306/AK2306LV PCM CODECs integrate a two-channel PCM CODEC with built-in TX/RX volume controls and a 16/20 Hz ring-tone generator. Both devices achieve idle-channel noise levels of less than 0 dB (AK2306 at 5V operation) and less than 5 dB (AK230LV at 3.3V operation).
Other features of both devices include power-down, mute, and time slot swap on PCM I/F. Available in a 24-pin VSOP package, both the AK2306 and AK2306LV are priced at $3.10 each/1,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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