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Communications: Dual USB UART/FIFO Chip Serves Up Flexible I/O

The FT2232C interface IC provides two I/O ports that can be configured for a wide range of modes. Each port can be set up for USB, standard UART interface, FIFO, or bit-bang mode. Full modem handshaking is offered in the serial mode with automatic transmit enable control for RS-485 applications. The Xon/Xoff mode is built into the free software drivers. The chip is an optimal interface when designers need two serial or parallel ports that are optionally powered from USB. With its Multi Protocol Synchronous Serial Engine, designers can program or reprogram FPGAs over USB in a fraction of a second. The FT2232C is priced at $5.60 in quantities of 1000 units.

Saelig Company Inc.
(585) 425-3753

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