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Communications: Enhanced Telephones Ease Conversations For Hearing Impaired

Able to improve voice quality for the hard-ofhearing, a signal-processing chip can be added to standard telephone handsets as well as wireless handsets. The Digital Clarity Power (DCP) signal processor runs various algorithms (multiband compression, acoustic echo cancellation, and noise reduction) to improve listening conditions. One algorithm eliminates constant noise such as air conditioning or static, creating a clear sound that is more conducive to conversation. Another algorithm makes soft sounds more audible and loud sounds bearable, reducing the strain on the person with the hearing loss. The company currently offers two DCP-enabled phones. The corded C2210 lists for $239.95, and the cordless C4205 lists for $149.95. Additional DCPenabled phones are in development. Contact the company for OEM pricing.

Clarity, a Division of Plantronics Inc.

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