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Communications: Full MIMO RF Radio Chip Delivers Video Data At 200 Mbits/s

Extending the range of wireless HDTV video transfers to three HDTV streams, the MtW8150 implements a full 2-by-2 multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) radio architecture on a single chip. The radio chip is the first part of a two-chip set. The second chip will be a baseband processor that will be sampled in late 2005. Compliant with the emerging 801.11n standard, the chip set operates in the 5-GHz band. It's specifically designed to handle video, delivering data throughputs of up to 200 Mbits/s over a range two to eight times that of previous wireless solutions. Along with two full, independent transmit and receive channels, the chip includes hardware-accelerated encryption to ensure content is protected. In volume, the MtW8150 is priced at less than $4 each.

Metalink Broadband

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