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Communications: Get Up To Eight T1 Lines Via Scalable Access Router

The first member to emerge from the Netvanta 4000 series of access routers is the NetVanta 4305. This 1U chassis can hold one or two of the company's network interface modules (NIMs) and one of its "Wide" modules. Depending on the modules selected, the 4305 delivers a maximum bandwidth capacity of eight T1 lines. The system also features two 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports for local-area-network segmentation or DMZ applications. Users can add virtual-private-network capability, allowing the 4305 to provide up to 1000 IPsec tunnels using DES, 3DES, or AES encryption. Such capability comes from adding the Enhanced Feature Pack ($995) to the latest release of the Adtran OS (v.7.1). The operating system contains multilink point-to-point protocol (PPP), a NAT-compatible SIP application-layer gateway for voice-over-Internet-protocol applications, and Internet-protocol multicast capability. Three new plug-in modules include a dual T1 NIM, an octal T1 wide module, and a high-speed serial interface module (HSSI). In single-unit lots, the NetVanta 4305 lists for $2495, the Octal T1 module for $1495, the dual T1 NIM for $645, and the HSSI module for $1295. NetVanta customers can upgrade to OS v7.1 for free.

Adtran Inc.

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