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Communications ICs

Vendor Products Data Sheet / App Notes
Advanced Micro Devices Ethernet and Fast Ethernet PHYs and Controllers  
Agere Systems High-Speed PHY Layer, PDH Transport, SONET Transport, Switching, Network Processors  
Agilent Technologies SONET and Gigabit Ethernet Serdes and Transceivers
Analog Devices xDSL Line Drivers, Optical Phys, MEMs, and Voice over Network  
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Network Processors, Traffic Management, Serdes, and Crosspoint Swithces
Broadcom Corp. Enterprise Network ICs, Optical Network ICs, xDSL and Cable Modems
Cirrus Logic Ethernet and T1/E1 ICs  
Conexant Bluetooth, Broadband and Narrowband Modems and Celluar/PCS ICs
Cypress Semiconductor Communication Processors, Programmable SOCs, OC-3 and OC-48 Framers and PHY ICs
Globespan Virata xDSL Chipsets and Communication Processors
IBM Network Processors and Routing Switches
Integrated Device Technology Time Slot Interchanges, Voice Processing, ATM and T1/E1 ICs  
Intel Corp. Network Processors, Ethernet and SONET ICs  
Maxim Integrated Products Fiber Optic ICs  
Micrel Semiconductor Ethernet, SONET and USB Transceivers  
Mindspeed SONET, T1/E1 Framers and Physical Layer ICs, Crosspoint Switches, and Network Processors  
Motorola Inc. Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet Serdes and ATM SARs  
Multilink 10G Mux-CMU and Demux-CDR and Forward Error Correction ICs  
National Semiconductor Corp. Ethernet PHYs and Controllers  
NEC Electronics Inc. ATM SARs and Phys
Ethernet Macs and Phys
Network Controllers

OKI Semiconductor SOC, Optical ICs, and CODECs  
PMC-Sierra Switch Fabric, ATM PHYs, Packet Processors, Packet-Over-Sonet PHYs, Ethernet Controllers, SERDES, and SONET Interfaces  
Primarion Universal Retiming Repeaters, VCSEL Drivers and Optical Repeaters
Silicon Laboratories Inc. SONET Transceivers and Clock Generation ICs
STMicroelectronics Inc. xDSL Modem Chipsets and Ethernet Controllers  
TDK Semiconductor Corp. Embedded Modems, OC-3, DS3/E3 and Ethernet Transceivers  
Texas Instruments Inc. DSL Analog Front Ends  
Transwitch Corporation SONET, ATM and T1/E1 ICs and Time Slot Interchanges  
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. Network Processors, Traffic Management, Forward Error Correction ICs, Serdes, and Crosspoint Swithces  
Zarlink Semiconductor T1/E1 ICs, Time Slot Interchanges, ATM SARs, Single and Parallel Optical Transceivers  
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