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Communications: Laser Driver Lights Up Telecom, Datacom Systems At 2.7 Gbits/s

The SY88982 laser diode driver supports FB and DFB lasers at data rates of up to 2.7 Gbits/s. Housed in a 3- by 3-mm, 16-contact MLF lead-free package, it has a minimum 2.4-V laser compliance voltage for high-current dc-coupled applications like the drivers found in metro-, local-, and storage-area networking as well as telecom and datacom systems. The companion MIC3001 optical transceiver management chip provides modulation and bias current control and monitoring, automatic power control, and temperature compensation. Able to operate from a 3.3-V supply, the SY88982 delivers a modulation current of up to 90 mA. In 1000-unit lots, the driver costs $5.50 apiece. Volume quantities are immediately available.

Micrel Inc.

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