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Communications: RF Modem Delivers 1-W Conducted Power And 256-Bit Encryption Keys

Get the maximum FCC-allowable radiated power output of up to 4 W with the 9XTend, a 900-MHz OEM RF modem module. That's possible thanks to its selectable power output, which ranges from 1 mW to 1 W conducted. The modem delivers up to twice the range of the company's previous long-range versions, six times the data throughput, and 256-bit data encryption in a tiny module. The 9XTend consumes only 780 mA from a 5-V supply. Users can receive transmissions up to a half-mile in urban environments, 15 miles with line-of-sight, and 40 miles with high-gain antennas. When set for maximum throughput, over-air data rates of 120 kbits/s are possible with a receiver sensitivity of ­103 dBm. When set for the longest range, the data rate drops to 10 kbits/s with a receiver sensitivity of ­110 dBm. Contact the company for quantity pricing.

MaxStream Inc.

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