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Communications: Swap Digital Filtering IP For Analog Filters In Spectrum Analyzers

A digital replacement for analog intermediate frequency (IF) filtering, such as that applied in spectrum analyzers, can now be obtained as a block of intellectual property (IP). And, that IP can be configured on low-cost FPGAs. What we're talking about is the SpectraChip IF block, which provides a digital implementation of all standard filter features, such as resolution bandwidth filtering, video bandwidth filtering, and conversion to log power. Via fast Fourier transforms and other techniques to perform the spectral analysis, a wide band of interest can be analyzed at all times, and the instrument can even capture very short duration pulses. Complex spectral triggering enables spectral data storage to occur upon a particular event in the frequency domain. The IP can be licensed as an off-the-shelf design and modified to meet interface requirements. Contact the company to negotiate license terms.

RF Engines Ltd.

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