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Communications: Three-Way Power Splitter Offers Same 3-dB Split On Any Port

In a feature that's unique among splitters, the IMX 2228 surface-mountable, two-way power splitter offers the same 3-dB split at any of its three ports. Mounted on an alumina substrate, it provides a 6-dB ±0.5 dB attenuation range and a 0- to 7-GHz frequency range. Its input power rating is 1 W, and the load power rating is 0.5 W (with base-plate temperature 100°C or less). The splitter also offers an input voltage standing-wave ratio of 1.3:1 or better. The splitter is compact, with mechanical dimensions of only 0.1 by 0.1 by 0.015 in., providing optimum flexibility for high-density circuit designs. Contact the factory for volume pricing.

International Manufacturing Services

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