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Communications: Transmux And Mapping Chip Trims Cost Per Port For Voice/Data Service

The PM8318 (TEMAP 168) stakes its claim as the industry's highest-density, trans-multiplexing (transmux), PDH mapper solution. Trans-multiplexing provides the interworking between legacy and next-generation networks by bridging T1/E1 traffic mapped into legacy DS-3s to T1/E1 traffic mapped into standard Sonet/SDH containers. The TEMAP 168 supports clear-channel DS-3 and DS-3 transmux mapping on one, reducing equipment-supplier development costs. The device integrates 168/126 T1/E1 bidirectional PMON-capable transceivers, six DS3/E3 bidirectional PMON-capable transceivers, and six M13 multiplexers. To eliminate interface density constraints, the TEMAP 168 employs the Scalable Bandwidth Interconnect Transport (SBI TR) bus, an extension of the industry-standard SBI(TM) bus. Housed in a 23- by 23-mm FCBGA, the PM8318 sells for $385 apiece in 1000-unit lots.

PMC-Sierra Inc.

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