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Communications: Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Deliver Copper And Fiber Ports

Standard-function (SF) unmanaged Ethernet switches from the SF switch line combine high-performance switched Ethernet connectivity for eight or 16 (10/100-Mbit/s) ports with a unique range of one or two multimode 100-Mbit/s glass fiber port options. Price levels run 35% to 50% less than comparable offerings. Couple that with the availability of multimode fiber/copper mixed switches at the price levels of media converters, and the end result is affordable fully switched Ethernet systems with high noise immunity. As such, industrial hubs quickly become a thing of the past. System startup time and ongoing maintenance costs are further reduced through a complete range of unmanaged switch functions, like redundant power supplies, alarm contact, auto negotiation, and cable auto crossing.

Phoenix Contact Inc.

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