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Communications: Wireless Access Points And Switch Deliver Interference-Free Data

An interference-free architecture dubbed WiFi Collaboration empowers a family of 5-GHz UltraThin wireless access points (APs) (EXRP10 and EXRP20) and an intelligent wireless eight-port 10/100-Mbit/s switch (the EXSW800). It lets the devices avoid co-channel interference and improve the range of wireless network connections using multiple radios to support 802.11a/b/g. The scheme monitors the quality of the signal from mobile clients and automatically and seamlessly switches APs on a packet-by-packet basis when a better signal can be obtained. This enables client systems to move from AP to AP without losing network connectivity. Also employed in the switch is the company's TrueReuse technology, which allows the switch to select multiple APs and then transmit simultaneously to the selected APs over the same channel without co-channel interference. This permits optimal frequency reuse while maintaining 802.11 compatibility. A full eight-port system (switch and eight APs) costs about $14,000.

Extricom Inc.

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